Genealogy and the Internet

When you first use the Internet for your Family History research, you will be absolutely overwhelmed – don’t let this put you off.  Take a deep breath, slow down, and start again in bite size pieces.  There are now so many aspects of the Internet that you can use, and so many exciting leads to follow – you will probably have a headache after your first couple of attempts.

Firstly there is a word of warning for everyone.  DO NOT accept anything you find on the Internet as fact – the Internet should be used as a research guide to primary sources and peripheral information.  The ONLY primary sources on the Internet are scanned / digitised images of original documents – there aren’t very many of these!

This web site and links was created back in 2000 and reviewing the content with a view to updating it has resulted in the realisation that it is far too old to be useful.  In fact it probably has more broken links than good ones.

My apologies to people who have used this site, but it really is time to progress along with the genealogy world.  Use Google or other genealogy discussion sites to find things that will help with your research.




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