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bout this index

This index lists cities, towns, suburbs and places in Australia with links to Web pages giving the history of that location. This is a perpetually growing index which should be visited regularly to check updates.

Make sure that you bookmark this page as many of the Web pages you visit will not have a link back to this index.

Select the relevant letter above to search for a location. Linked Web pages are a mixture of :-

The links are to pages containing location histories, but remember to look at home pages and other links to find out even more about your area of interest. Some of the links are to sources of local history rather than histories themselves, however it is felt that these offer as much value and therefore they have been included.

Some "histories" are but a short paragraph, however the decision has been made to include them when no other histories for that location exist. If a more detailed history becomes available, that will replace the original. However if more than one history exists for a location and both are considered worthwhile, links will be included to each.

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tate Abbreviations

The following abbreviations appear in the indexes

ACT - Australian Capital Territory NSW - New South Wales
NT - Northern Territory QLD - Queensland
SA - South Australia TAS - Tasmania
VIC - Victoria WA - Western Australia
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istory of this Project

Members of the Bellarine Historical Society in Victoria, and residents of the towns of the Bellarine Peninsula have commenced a major project to document the history of their local areas on the Internet. These histories include towns, buildings, families, schools, environment - in fact any subject which adds to the history of the Bellarine Peninsula.

These are not all encompassing histories and certainly do not replace the need for researchers to visit or contact the Historical Society and other local repositories for more detailed information. The purpose of these histories is to increase the awareness of the depth of history on the Peninsula and to encourage further research into local archives.

This local project generated a lot of interest and requests from other groups to expand the project - initially in Victoria, but more recently across Australia.

It became obvious that there was a need to :-

The end result is PROJECT 2000 - a special project adopted by the Melbourne Dead Persons' Society (DPS). Our aim is to have a history of as many locations as possible in Australia on the Internet. See below for details on how YOU can contribute.

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ow to contribute to Project 2000

There are two ways to contribute to this project :-

  1. If you know of any histories on the Internet of places in Australia that are not listed in our index, please send an email with the relevant URL.
  2. If you belong to an Historical Society or organisation with local history information, or if you have researched an area, why not produce a history of that location? It is important that you first check with the appropriate organisation in that area to ensure that a history for the Internet does not already exist or is under construction.

Where possible, the following sections should be included in each history :-

The History of Ocean Grove is an example of a town history with the above components.

Many organisations will want to use their own layout for their web pages using their Society's logo etc., but for those who don't have a previously defined layout, help is at hand! Guidelines, recommendations, tips and some detailed instructions are available.

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