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The history of Norfolk Island is governed by the different settlement periods.

bullet.jpg (879 bytes) Discovery : Captain Cook on the Resolution discovered the island on 10th October 1774.
bullet.jpg (879 bytes) 1st Settlement : 1788 - 1814  Lieutenant Philip Gidley King arrived in HMS Supply on 6th march 1788 to establish the settlement with 22 people including 15 convicts.  They landed at Sydney Bay (Kingston).  The island was abandoned in February 1814.
bullet.jpg (879 bytes) 2nd Settlement : 1825 - 1856  Captain R Turton , re-occupied the island in June 1825 as a settlement for the "worst felons".  This settlement period was renowned for the number of convict uprisings, deaths and harsh treatments inflicted by some of the commandants.   The settlement closed in 1855 with only a skeleton population staying until 1856 to hand over the island to the Pitcairners.
bullet.jpg (879 bytes) 3rd Settlement : 8th June 1856 -  194 Pitcairn Islanders arrived to form the first free settlement on Norfolk Island.  The Pitcairners are descendants of the Bounty mutineers.   It is the descendants of these first free settlers who are today the Islanders of Norfolk Island.
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