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The Organ
The Church
Significance of the Project
The Community
Target and Status
The Committee
Appeal Objective

In 1997 a National Trust Restoration Appeal was launched to raise $58,000 to restore an 1871 George Fincham organ, and to install this organ in the historic Anglican Church of St George the Martyr, Queenscliff.

St George the Martyr
Church of St George the Martyr, Queenscliff

A successful outcome to this Appeal has had the following benefits :-

  1. Provided a redundant Fincham organ with a suitable new home, thus preserving a significant piece of Victoria's fine organ heritage;
  2. Provided the historic Church of St George the Martyr with an organ eminently suited to its interior environment, in terms both of style and acoustics;
  3. Allowed St George's Church to play a leading role in the expanding musical life of the Borough of Queenscliffe, and thereby to further its outreach to residents and visitors.

Further donations to this appeal will assist with the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the organ.


Created by : Susie Zada
1999 Susie Zada, Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia, for the Church of St George the Martyr, Queenscliff
Last revised : March 15, 2007.